January 17, 2018

Winter Is Coming… to Minutia: Here’s Our Latest Update

Christmas may be over, but there’s “snow” shortage of fun in Minutia. While Christmas decorations are being packed away in boxes, the Fiends are unboxing new challenges and new levels. The Christmas theme will be replaced with an icy hot winter theme. If you are brave enough to traverse the arctic chill, you can purchase the new Arctic Woody Character Exclusive, or if you put your fiendish skills to the test at the Winter Games Challenge, you can unlock an exclusive new character. Winter weather calls for a slew of slugs and Best Fiends adventures. Here’s the latest forecast for wintertime in Minutia:

  • The Winter Games Challenge
    • Sled into the new year with 20 new challenges! Complete them all to unlock the Slap Shot Vega Character Exclusive
  • New Year, New Levels
    • With 10 new story levels and an additional 10 Hero levels to unlock every Sunday, it will be a blizzard of fun
  • Earthworm Challenge levels
    • Wiggle your way into the new year with 22 new levels in the Earthworm Challenges! With 5 for Granny Slug, 7 for General Slug and 10 for Captain Slug, it’ll surely be a slimy good time

What’s another bright side to holidays being over? After Christmas sales of course. Best Fiends will be having amazing offers throughout January, so you can continue defeating slugs without defeating your wallet. Who knew cold weather could bring such red-hot deals?

With so many new levels, fresh challenges and epic deals, Best Fiends is the gift that keeps on giving.

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