January 31, 2020

Watch Now! How to Play Best Fiends STARS: Part 2

Trying to impress that special someone just in time for Valentines Day? Show them your Best Fiends STARS skills! After this tutorial, you’ll be blasting through levels in no time! Talk about a way to set the mood, right? So, you know the basics. Match at least three colored blocks with your finger, but did you know:
  • Aiming for bigger combinations with the least possible moves gets you a better score!
  • The bigger your score, the more stars you get! More Stars = more Star Chests!
  • What are in the Star Chests? COINS! And BOOSTERS!
  • Utilizing Bombs, Converters and Collectors helps achieve your goals faster!
  • Bombs blow up more colored blocks!
  • And so much more!

After watching this tutorial, you’ll be able to impress that special somebody! Be sure to download Best Fiends STARS for FREE if you haven’t already! Missed the first introduction to Best Fiends STARS video? Watch it HERE! And go and watch “How to Play Best Fiends STARS: Part 2″ NOW!!

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