October 20, 2016

Seriously launches Best Fiends Forever – the second mobile game in the Best Fiends trilogy


New Release is an Immersive and Interactive Clicker AdventureSet in the Same Best Fiends Universe Yet an Entirely New Experience

Venice, California & Helsinki, Finland – October 20, 2016Seriously, a mobile first entertainment company, today announced the launch of Best Fiends Forever, the second mobile game set in the Best Fiends universe. Best Fiends Forever is free to download today on the App Store and Google Play.

“The new game continues the journey of our heroes, the Fiends, through the world of Minutia and their battle against the hapless Slugs,” said Petri Järvilehto, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Seriously. “Tapping into the hottest new genre in mobile gaming – clicker games – players can slap, collect and level-up pretty much everything in the game. While it’s very approachable and fun for the whole family, there’s a lot more strategy than initially meets the eye!”

Seriously launched the first mobile game in the Best Fiends trilogy in October 2014 and since then the game has been downloaded nearly 50 million times with over two million daily active players. People have spent over 25 billion minutes experiencing the world of Best Fiends, which has now generated over $50 million in revenue to date.

“At Seriously, we are challenging the traditional Hollywood model by focusing on building entertainment brands on mobile first, as the media audience has shifted there,” said Andrew Stalbow, Co-Founder and CEO, Seriously. “By being directly connected, our fan base has the opportunity to take a journey across our network of games, products, videos and upcoming animated shorts, as we work to build the Best Fiends brand into a global entertainment franchise.”

Seriously has partnered with some of the best talent in Hollywood for Best Fiends Forever. The music was composed by Heitor Pereira (‘Despicable Me’), who also composed the memorable music in the first Best Fiends game.

The game is written by Emmy-award winning producer and writer, Stewart Burns (‘The Simpsons’), who added: “I’ve wasted years of my life playing clicker games. But working with the team at Seriously, I now get to call it research!”

As part of the launch of Best Fiends Forever, Seriously is also announcing a partnership with Oceana, an organization dedicated to protecting the world’s oceans. The partnership features an in-game integration in Best Fiends Forever, where players will reach the Oceana Island and discover more about the amazing work they do. For more details, visit bestfiends.oceana.org.

“We count on our supporters around the world to raise their voices on behalf of the oceans,” said Andrew Sharpless, CEO, Oceana. “We’re thrilled that Seriously is providing a platform to potentially get millions of mobile-savvy people involved with our work.”

Additionally, building on its leadership position in influencer marketing, the launch of Best Fiends Forever marks Seriously’s biggest campaign to date, featuring over 200 original videos from talent such as Joey Graceffa, DanTDM, LDShadowLady and Pewdiepie.

Download Best Fiends Forever today at download.bestfiends.com/forever

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