September 12, 2019

Long May Lapoleon Reign! Check out Our Latest Animated Short, The Immortal Cockroach!

Bonjour, Fiends! In our seventh Best Fiends animated short, The Immortal Cockroach, we introduce you to Lapoleon, the aristocratic and Fiendishly French Cockroach. Voiced by the talented Maurice LaMarche (Futurama, Zootopia), Lapoleon enjoys his days in his beautiful castle pampering himself and indulging in exquisite food — bon appetit! The only thing that could spoil his day are those pesky Slugs. Despite the Slugs sending in their skilled team of assassins to get Lapoleon, we all know that no matter how hard you try, a cockroach never dies! 

You can watch The Immortal Cockroach and Lapoleon’s grand debut HERE.

The Immortal Cockroach is the new original animated short from the Best Fiends franchise. This feature film-quality animation is produced by Golden Globe-nominated studio Reel FX. The Immortal Cockroach features an all-star voice cast of Pamela Adlon (Better Things) as Hank, David Herman (Office Space) as Roger, Maurice LaMarche (Futurama, Pinky and the Brain) as Lapoleon!

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