September 17, 2020

Join the Fiends for the Season Opener in Our Brand New Update!

The Fiends are back at it again, eager to embark on new adventures to outsmart the Slugs! Join the Fiends across Minutia as they work to create a new statue, attend the University of Minutia, and score their way to victory! The Best Fiends universe is always filled with surprises, so make sure to keep reading and see what adventures are waiting for you!


  • Help Dennis create a new statue while collecting welding Flames to win great rewards!
  • Complete 30 Challenges and earn the talented Welder Dennis!


  • Head over to the University of Minutia for the New Semester!
  • Help Theoretical Rose with all tasks and she’ll make science puns on your team forever!


  • Help Quarterback Dougie execute his game plan and win the Season Opener!
  • Finish 30 Adventures with Quarterback Dougie and he’ll join your team permanently!


  • NEW ADVENTURE! Stop Alchemist Slug’s terrible experiments by activating Bombs and Converters to steal his Flasks!
  • UPDATED CRATE CACHE! In addition to a fresh new look, Crates will also now contain Event Collectibles!
  • NEW HERO AREA! Don’t forget your sunscreen! Beach Party starts October 12th!
  • NEW LEVELS EVERY WEEK! Visit Lake Liberty’s shopping district with 10 NEW levels every Friday, Saturday, & Sunday!

Don’t miss out! Download or update for FREE at!


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