May 29, 2021

Join Temper and JoJo for a Special Mission in Slug Swap, a NEW Animated Short!

Temper and JoJo are back with operation “Temper saves the day by messing up their stuff from the inside all sneaky like!” …or something like that!

In our 10th animated short, Temper and Jojo are ready to infiltrate King Slug’s Mining Company! Will their plans for sabotage be successful? Watch our latest animation to find out!

This new original animated short from the Best Fiends franchise features animation production from the Emmy Award-winning studio Bento Box Entertainment (known for Bob’s Burgers and Central Park, among many other award-winning animated series on Fox, Apple+, Hulu, and others). The series-quality animation also features an all-star voice cast: Phil LaMarr (Futurama, Samurai Jack) as Temper, Audrey Wasilewski (The Garfield Show) as Jojo, and David Herman (Office Space) as Mining Slugs.

Watch Slug Swap HERE!


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