April 5, 2018

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs in Minutia!

We have some ‘pawsome’ news for you: a new Best Fiends update is here!

The Fiends are a bunch of party animals, always in search of fun. And with this update, there’s no shortage of treats. From furry new Fiend styles to exciting new challenges, here’s all that’s happening in Minutia right meow:

The Pawsome Chase is underway

  • Collect dog treats to finish all the challenges, and you’ll unlock the adorable Beagle Kwincy style!

The purrfect companion is here

  • Be sure to check out the fluffiest exclusive Fiend style in town, Tabby Tantrum!

The Best Fiends story continues

  • Unlock ten new levels in Willow Woods every Saturday, plus ten new HERO levels every Sunday!
  • You can also unearth (get it?!) new levels in each of the Earthworm Challenges.

And if you can’t get enough of Best Fiends, we’ve updated our video center! You can watch our latest animations, arts and crafts videos, and much more all without having to leave the world of Minutia.

But fur real, many new adventures await, so you better get started!

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