October 30, 2019

Fiendishly Fantastic Halloween Face Paint Ideas!

Looking for last minute Halloween costume inspiration? We’ve got you covered! Check out these quick and easy-to-follow- face paint looks inspired by all of your favorite Fiends! 

Bob: With some blue face paint and an aviator hat this Bob-inspired costume will have you flying high this Halloween!

Dracoleon: Check out this fangstastic Dracoleon face paint. It’s love at first bite! 

Frankenslug: Bring this look to life with some green face paint. 

Jojo: Spread your wings and fly with this adorable Jojo face paint.

Kwincy: Get this eye-popping look inspired by Kwincy. 

Temper: Capture Temper’s spirit of adventure with lots of green face paint.

Howie: Transform into Howie and bring out your inner wizard with this whimsical look. It’s magical!

Skull Slug: Have some skele-fun with this spooky Slug face paint that’s bad to the bone.

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