April 2, 2020

Don’t Be Late to This Update!

It’s that time of year to put all of your Eggs in one basket! You’ll be searching all throughout Minutia for cute chocolate Fiends while sipping tea… and we can’t think of anything more enjoyable! This update is filled with new Styles, new events, and even MORE rewards! So, keep reading to see what’s new in the Best Fiends universe!

The Epic Easter Hunt Is On!

  •  Join the hunt and collect Chocolate Eggs across 30 Challenges!
  •  Complete 30 Challenges and earn the delicious-looking Chocolate Rascal!

Hit The Open Road!

  • Drive cross-country with Trucker Dougie to deliver his shipment of Meteormites!
  • Finish all the tasks and Trucker Dougie will join your team forever! Honk, honk!

Don’t Be Late To The Tea Party!

  • Help Hatter Bam find all the items he needs in order to host his tea party!
  • Find every hidden item to win fiend-tastic prizes, including FREE GOLD!

Now 30 Levels Each Week!

  • Explore the all new Royal Ponds with 10 NEW levels every Saturday, Sunday, and NOW FRIDAY, too!

We can’t wait for you to join us for all of the excitement in this update! Download or update Best Fiends now for FREE!

June 2, 2022

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