December 23, 2019

DIY with Best Fiends: Santa Terry Wreath!

Looking for a way to spice up your home for the holidays and dazzle your holiday guests last minute? We’ve got just the thing to help you out: a new episode of DIY with Best Fiends! In this episode, Zack is teaching you how to make the ho-ho-holidays extra jolly with a Santa Terry Wreath! You can check out the video HERE and find the complete instructions below. Happy decorating!

    1. First off, you have to cut out the pattern shapes out of the Felt. You can find all the patterns in a link in the description below the video.
    2. Once you’ve cut out the specific shapes, you can start Hot Gluing them together. The pattern guide has a nifty chart to show you where things should be glued!
    3. After gluing the felt together, now you add and glue on the cotton swabs.
    4. Now you Hot Glue the Felt designs to the Wreath.
    5. Final step is to Hot Glue on the Metal Bell to Santa Terry’s hat, and you’re done!


Santa Terry Wreath Instructions



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