June 11, 2021

DIY with Best Fiends: Sandbag Doorstop Howie

The most powerful wizard of Best Fiends is here to protect your home… as a doorstop! Join Zack as he walks you through the steps to make this adorable Sandbag Doorstop Howie in this episode of DIY with Best Fiends! Your door never looked more magical!

Sandbag Doorstop Howie

List of supplies:
● Print out the provided Sandbag Doorstop Howie Template
● Yarn (Goldenrod)
● Cotton fabric (Brown)
● Pipe cleaners
● Play sand
● Polyester fiber fluff
● Various colored felt (2x green, 1x tan, 1x white & 1x black)
● Scissors
● Hot glue gun

1. First, print out the Sandbag Doorstop Howie Template and cut out the basic shapes. Then, using the pattern as a guide, trace the pattern on top of your various fabric and cut out the shapes.

2. Using your hot glue gun, attach a few lengths of yarn to Howie’s belly and jaw pieces. As always, be careful of the high heat from your hot glue gun when using it.

3. Working inside out, let’s assemble the parts of Howie’s body. Start hot-gluing Howie’s body pieces to Howie’s belly piece, like this. The body pieces will attach along the spine area so it forms an almost cone-like cylinder. Feel free to pause and rewind as needed.

4. Next, hot glue Howie’s circular base to the bottom of the cylinder. You’ve officially made a sack! Go ahead and turn the “sack” you’ve made inside right.

5. Very carefully fill Howie’s body with your play sand. Make sure to allow for about an inch of empty space, which you will then fill to the top of your polyester fiber fluff. Pack it down and check for any seams or holes leaking sand.

6. Let’s make Howie’s head! Working inside out, hot-glue the sides of Howie’s head to his snout/top of the head strip. Then do the same with his jaw piece. When you get that assembled, flip it inside out and fill it in with fluff!

7. Carefully hot glue on Howie’s eyes, teeth, legs, and arms. And then the head to the body! For his tail, attach your green felt around a pipe cleaner and curl it into the perfect shape.

8. Moving on to Howie’s cloak. Working inside out, hot glue along the joining lines of your brown fabric pieces. Once the glue is dry, turn Howie’s cloak inside right and hot-glue a length of pipe cleaner into the narrow part of his hood to bend into a curl.

9. Lastly, go ahead and hot-glue the cloak around Howie’s neck and you’re done!

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