June 25, 2021

DIY with Best Fiends: Pearl String Art

In this episode of DIY with Best Fiends, we turn Best Fiends Stars’ favorite seahorse into beautiful string art! Follow along with Zack as he shows you the steps to turn Pearl into your new favorite home decor!

Pearl String Art Instructions
List of supplies:
● A wooden board
● Blue paint
● 1-1⁄4” framing nails
● Hammer
● Needle nose pliers
● Embroidery thread (Black, blue, cream)
Pearl dot pattern

1. Begin by painting your wooden board with your blue paint and allow it to dry. This will serve as your background for the string art.
2. Next, take your printed out Pearl dot pattern and position it on your board where you want your design.
3. Time to get hammering! Hammer a nail through every dot on your pattern. Yes, every single one. The nails should still stick out but feel secure and not wiggle, so about half an inch deep. Make sure to use your needle nose pliers to place and hold nails in the smaller parts of the pattern.
4. When you’re done hammering, go ahead and tear off the dot design before we start wrapping our string.
5. To start with your thread, tie off a starting color on the head of a nail with a double knot and loop the thread from nail to nail. This part takes time, but this is also where you can improv and have fun with it since there’s really no wrong way to do this. It helps to use the dot pattern and an image of Pearl as a reference when following the contours of Pearl since she has geometric lines to follow.
6. Continue using your thread in a crisscrossing fashion to fill an area with more color. Then move on to the other color thread for different sections. You can also double up lines that you want to be thicker.
7. Lastly, color the tops of the nail to match the string underneath. Once you feel like you’ve reached a point where you’re happy with your string art pattern and colors, congrats! You’re done!

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