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Seriously Cookie Policy

When you visit Seriously websites (the “Sites”), your online device will automatically receive one or several cookies, which are transferred from these Sites to your internet browser. We also use web beacons and other similar technologies to operate and improve our Sites and offerings. We refer to these generically as “cookies”. If you visit our websites and you opt-in to the use of cookies, we consider this as an acceptance of our use of cookies.

What is a cookie and how they work?

Cookies are small text files that are sent to and stored in your computer by the websites you visit. Cookies collect in some instances personal data, with which a person can be identified. Cookies are stored in your browser’s file directory. Next time you visit the site, your browser will read the cookie and relay the information back to the website or element that originally set the cookie. Two types of cookies are used, such as “session-only” and “persistent”. “Session-only” cookies are deleted when you end your browser session. “Persistent cookies” remain on your device for the time period set in the cookie after which time they delete themselves. However, these cookies may be renewed every time you visit the website.

It is also common to distinguish between first-party cookies and third-party cookies. First-party cookies are allocated to the website that you visit while third-party cookies come from a third party, such as a web analytics program.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to collect data about your use of the Seriously Sites, what products or services seem to interest you and whether you have visited our Sites before. With the help of this data we can improve your user experience, monitor the use of our services and develop our products and services.

Third parties use the data collected via cookies so that appropriate advertising may be shown to you. Cookies are also used to recognize you when you return to the Site in order to, for example, provide you with information related to your own interests. We can’t and will not use the data collected with cookies to identify a visitor as an individual.

How long will cookies be stored on my device?

Cookie lifetime varies depending whether it’s a session or a persistent cookie. We will retain your data as long as it is necessary for the purpose of the cookie or until we can presume the data will not be needed anymore. For more information on cookie expiry and cookie descriptions, see below.

Can I still visit the Site if the cookie function is disabled?

Yes, you can. If you have disabled the use of cookies, you will still be able to access and use our Sites. However, some necessary functions such as surveys and other tools require the use of cookies and might operate with reduced functionality or not at all.

How to avoid or delete cookies?

You can alter your browser settings to not accept cookies or delete the cookies from your computer. Deleting the cookies doesn’t stop cookies from being set in the future. Different web browsers may use different methods for managing cookies. Please follow the instructions provided to you by the web browser provider directly, to configure your browser settings. These instructions are provided by third parties over which we have no control or liability.

Furthermore, our Sites allow you to choose you Cookie Settings by clicking on the “Cookie Settings” button.

We also use third-party cookies. You can block data processing of third parties by downloading and installing a plug-in to your browser available from: or you can use another tool to prevent marketing and tracking.

Cookies used, and data collected by third parties

We also use third-party cookies for analytic purposes and to show you advertising of products and services that we believe you might be interested of. Third party cookies are also used to enable social media functions, like connecting with Facebook. These cookies include, amongst others, Google Analytics, Facebook, Youtube and DoubleClick. Third parties may identify you with the data collected with cookies.

We are not responsible for the data processing, cookies or other tracking technologies used by the third parties. In such cases the terms and conditions of the third parties will be applied.

Changes in this policy

We may change this cookie policy as we improve our use of cookies, website or operations. The updated cookie policy will be made available on our Sites with an indication of amendment date. We recommend that you review this cookie policy from time to time to learn of any amendments.

Cookie declaration

Cookie declaration last updated on 05/03/2021