December 22, 2017

Check Out Our New Look At BESTFIENDS.COM!

Makeover time. Today, we are proud to launch our new website! Although you can still find us at, you’ll notice that we are looking a little different. Complete with a visual refresh, we’ve really homed in on ensuring consistency across all elements of our brand — whether it’s the color sequences we use throughout the game, or the essence that each of the Best Fiends characters (Fiends and Slugs, alike) bring to the table, we’ve made sure to capture each and every facet and incorporate them into our website. Yes, we’re expanding the Best Fiends brand that you know and love, and we’re excited for our fans to come along on the journey with us.


So, besides the look, what’s new?

  • Video Tab
      • First you could watch Best Fiends videos on YouTube, then on the video carousel within the game, and now, in addition to a few other viewing methods, you can check out new video content right on our website!
  • Interactive Map of Minutia
      • The game is no longer the only place where you can explore the Best Fiends World. Now you’ll be able to click through the many lands of Minutia and relive all of the adventures that you experienced there — and maybe, since you won’t be distracted by fighting off the Slugs, you’ll learn something new this time.
  • Character Exclusives
    • You could already get to know your favorite Fiends and Slugs on our site, but we’ve added our unique Character Exclusives to the lineup, too! Complete with a new, fresh way of scrolling through each of the characters, you’ll be able to check up on the Fiends, as well as our featured exclusives that you can collect along the way. Keep an eye out for each one as you make your way through exciting challenges and side quests and try to collect them all!


And coming soon


Best Fiends Forums

  • Look forward to connecting with the rest of the Best Fiends community to talk about how much you love Best Fiends. Not only will this be a great place to learn more about the games, but you will also learn about updates, tips and tricks, and be able to troubleshoot and get help from our support team here.


Best Fiends Shop

  • Keep checking back for the grand opening of our store where all-new awesome products will be waiting to be shipped straight to your door!


— Philip Hickey, SVP, Brand & Marketing

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