September 14, 2018

Bottles Up! There’s a New Game Update!

What do you call an army of Baby Slugs? An INFANTry! Baby Slug has escaped his crib and is causing chaos in Minutia in the latest game update and in our new animated short, Baby Slug’s Big Day Out. Oh baby, there’s so many new levels, new Fiends and new adventures, so let’s see what sorts of shenanigans Baby Slug is up to:

Baby Slug needs a time out.

  • Hold on to your sippy cups, Baby Slug’s Big Day Out is here, and it’s the best animation yet!
  • In the game, you can help the Fiends get ready for a picnic with Baby Slug by completing tasks to earn fiendtastic rewards including FREE GOLD!

Get off your high chair, it’s time for the Toddler’s Toy Party!

  • Collect toy blocks around Minutia to win amazing rewards!
  • Collect ALL the Toy Blocks and win the super cute Toddler Vincent!

Kwincy Junior is here:

  • There’s no time like play time! Be sure to get Toddler Vincent a new playmate with the adorable Kwincy Junior!

Crawl into tons of new levels

  • You wanted more, so we’re giving you more. We’re adding 20 new levels every weekend!

This update is the “onesie” you’ve been waiting for, so download or update Best Fiends now for FREE!


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