May 27, 2019

5 Questions With…Suvi Karjalainen

5 Questions with Suvi Karjalainen

1. Where were you/what did you do before working at Seriously?

I was a student before joining Seriously. There was a time when I discussed the idea of starting a game company with a talented group of people I met during my studies, and we even started a couple of projects together. However, Seriously took me under its wing before that turned into anything.

2. What is your current role at Seriously?
I’m a Junior Game Programmer. I work on a small team so my day-to-day activities are very diverse. My workflow typically involves  tweaking existing code, following a set example or creating something new. I’m junior on the team so I constantly try to learn everything I can. The small team size gives me an opportunity to try anything I can get my hands on.

3. What’s your favorite part about your job?
The best part is watching the game come to life and seeing my code actually work the way it’s supposed to. It’s great seeing the end result from a project I started from scratch when very few details were set in stone.

4. Who is your favorite Fiend or Slug and why?
After watching Howie’s Gift, its gotta be Howie. Who doesn’t love a lizard wizard with a title that rhymes? Brittle is also a cute little thing. She’s fun-sized.

5. When you are not working at Seriously or playing Best Fiends, what do you enjoy doing?
I “watch” a lot of shows and movies in the background while I’m doing other activities, such as gaming, chatting with friends, drawing, or all three at once. Of course, I often end up rewatching whatever was on TV because I end up missing the good parts and important details!

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