July 2, 2019

It’s the Most Adventurous Episode of “The Best Best Fiends Show” Yet!

Host and Best Fiends resident adventurer Kimberley Crossman is taking you on the adventure of a lifetime in this brand new episode of The Best Best Fiends Show. From a taco-licios fiesta to the mysterious Temper of Doom, there are so many ways for you to join in on the adventure! Plus, we’re taking you behind the scenes of the latest Best Fiends animated short, Temper’s Adventure, with a special interview with voice actor Phil Lamarr (Futurama, Samurai Jack).

With tons of new levels, new challenges, new Fiends, and new ways to win prizes, the adventure begins now! So check out this episode of The Best Best Fiends Show HERE!

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5 Questions With… Zsolt Leitner

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