February 1, 2018

Valentine’s Update Is HERE!

Be Our Valentine

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
It’s Valentine’s Day in Minutia,
And the Fiends have some good news for you!

Feel the love this February with tons of new content, levels, and challenges. While the Best Fiends World is decorated with sugar, spice and everything nice, players are gifted with fresh expeditions and the chance to add an adorable new Fiend to their collection. The Fiends must have been struck with Cupid’s arrow because there’s no shortage of sweet treats in Minutia. Here’s everything on the new update you can fall in love with:

  • New Levels
    • What could be better than a dozen red roses? Over FIVE dozen new levels, of course. With 62 levels in the latest update, there are now a total of over 2,000 levels full of fiendish fun.
  • New Worlds
    • Explore the newest world, Willow Woods, with ten new levels and even more Earthworm Challenges. And discover the new HERO world, Coral Archipelago.
  • The Valentine’s Orchid Challenge
    • Join the Orchid Race, a new daily reward challenge, and achieve all 25 goals to unlock Rose the Orchid Mantis.  

We know the way to your heart…and it’s with awesome special deals! Be on the lookout for amazing sales throughout the month of February.

With so much love and so many new adventures, the Fiends hope you’ll be their Valentine!

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