April 14, 2016

Seriously, Apple & WWF are working together to protect life on our Planet!

Today, Seriously, Apple and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) announced they are working together through the Apps for Earth campaign. In collaboration with WWF and the developers of 27 apps, Apple has launched the Apps for Earth campaign to raise awareness and protect life on our planet.

For Apps for Earth, Best Fiends has released special edition quest levels where users can collect adorable panda characters from the Yangtze River in China. Until April 24th, 100% of the proceeds from in-app purchases of the adorable pandas will go to support WWF. After defeating the Slugs in the special edition quest levels, players will have the opportunity to win a super rare fiend, Freddie, the cricket.

Additionally, Best Fiends has teamed up with musical sensation Ariana Grande and some of YouTube’s biggest stars, including Rosanna Pansino, CutiePieMarzia and CaptainSparklez to encourage their fans to play Best Fiends and participate in this campaign by sharing videos and posts on their YouTube channels and across their social channels like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Videos and posts from Ariana Grande and the YouTube stars will go live this Saturday, and you will be able to view collection of the videos here: facebook.com/bestfiends.

You can also watch the official Best Fiends Apps for Earth Gameplay Trailer and get a behind the scenes look into the Making of Apps for Earth too.

We hope you enjoy playing Best Fiends as you also support WWF’s important global conservation work and mission to reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth. 

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