October 28, 2019

DIY with Best Fiends: Temper Mask!

We have a brand new series out on our YouTube channel! Introducing: DIY with Best Fiends! In this series, host Zack walks you through how to make fiendtastic crafts and projects with easy-to-follow instructions! This family friendly  show is perfect for any Best Fiends or DIY lover! The first episode is OUT NOW, and teaches you how to make a Halloween Temper Mask just in time for October 31.  The step-by-step instructions and design templates are below! Happy Halloween!



  1. Cut out the main pattern of the mask. You can find all the patterns in a link in the description. Once you have the pattern drawn onto a full piece of construction paper, you cut the pattern out.
  2. Now you fit the mask to the correct size, using tape to hold it together. You will also fold down the top flap over the back tabs. Once you’ve fitted it correctly, use Hot Glue to seal it in place.
  3. Next you cut out the eyebrow patterns and Hot Glue them together, creating the classic Temper look.
  4. Taking your markers or paints, now you draw the eyes on the Styrofoam balls, including his eye-lids.
  5. Next you Hot Glue your Eyebrows to the top of the Eyes.
  6. The next step is to Hot Glue the eyes into place on the main mask.
  7. Finally, cut out the “bandana knot” pattern and draw in the details. Hot Glue it to the back of the mask, and you’re done!
  • OPTIONAL: Hot Glue this mask onto an old hat and make it more secure on your head.
  • OPTIONAL: You can also take a green Bandana or Handkerchief and glue that to the back, making the “superhero mask” look even more authentic.
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