December 20, 2017

Lights, Camera, Action! Introducing:
The Best Best Fiends Show

Today, we launched the first episode of The Best Best Fiends Show , hosted by actress and Best Fiends -lover, Kimberley Crossman. Coinciding with game updates, this monthly show will highlight update features, tips for the game, and all of the happenings in the Best Fiends World. Keep your eyes peeled throughout 2018, this is just one of the original Best Fiends shows that we are creating with much more coming soon.

At Seriously, we are ‘doing Hollywood backwards’ by building A World On Your Mobile and creating an entertainment brand — Best Fiends — that starts with mobile games and grows into animated shorts, consumer products, and more. By having a direct connection with fans, we believe that the future of entertainment brands will be built on mobile first.

With already more than half-a-million subscribers on the Best Fiends YouTube channel, we are expanding our video offering by creating content to help drive the brand and engage fans outside of the game. Videos can be found on our YouTube channel first, and will then be available to watch within in the game, at , and on the Best Fiends Facebook and Twitter pages. This multi-channel strategy will help build the brand on multiple levels, and allow our fans to watch and engage with great content in a way by which they are already familiar.

Watch the first episode of The Best Best Fiends Show HERE !

— Philip Hickey, SVP, Brand & Marketing

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