October 5, 2018

Introducing: 8-Bit Adventures

We have a “bit” of  totally rad news for you…drumroll, please! We’ve launched the first episode of a new original Best Fiends show, 8-Bit Adventures. The newest addition to the Best Fiends content roster will take fans way, way back to the fun of pixelated gaming galore. Join our pals, Jojo and Kwincy, as they’re transported out of Minutia and into the pixelated nostalgia land of your dreams.

On the first episode, a vortex transforms the duo into 8-bit characters, and lets us relive the glory days of the OG video game craze. It’s all fun and games as Jojo and Kwincy explore their new surroundings, until an unwanted guest threatens their journey back home. Tune in for all the crazy shenanigans, and see if the Fiends have what it takes to make it!  

Watch the premiere episode of 8-Bit Adventures HERE!


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