October 11, 2019

Happy Halloween! This Update Is FaBOOlous!

Beware: the most spooktacular game update of the year is here. From unBOOlievable tales of Halloweens past to a trick-or-treat adventure to die for, the Fiends and Slugs are creepin it real this October. This update will surely give you a fright, so read on, if you dare… 

‘Twas a dark and stormy night in Minutia…

  • The Fiends swap ghostly Halloween tales over a roaring campfire – whose story will be the best?
  • Complete all 13 Episodes and the Werewolf Vincent will be yours, along with his +50 attack power boost!

Not to be candy corny, but it’s trick or treat time!

  • Dust off that candy bucket and get to collecting that candy!
  • Collect sweet treats across 30 challenges and win Mummy Dina and her +50 attack power boost! Try not to get too wrapped up in her cuteness. 

New Mite City springs to life!

  • Watch the population of New Mite City come out of hiding and explore the town with 20 levels every weekend!
  • And what are those towers on the horizon…?

No tricks here! This game update just has a whole lot of treats. So be sure to update or download Best Fiends for free HERE!

May 5, 2022

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