July 24, 2018

Get Your Popcorn! The July Update is Here!

The newest Best Fiends update is here, and there are plenty of adventures that await you in Minutia. You can explore the new World Map area, Volatile Valley, help a Fiend on his journey to stardom, or even embark on a covert mission. With all of these exciting new challenges and new levels, the summer fun has just begun! Here’s all you need to know about the latest update:

Lights, Camera, Action: It’s time for the Minutian Film Festival!

  • It’s not easy getting a big break in Minutia, so help Spielbert achieve his lifelong dream of becoming a film director!
  • Collect popcorn boxes to get blockbuster rewards, including free GOLD and the exclusive Spielbert Fiend!

Shhhh! The sneaky Bandit Slug has a secret mission just for you…

  • Complete a covert set of tasks and win amazing, super secret rewards in honor of our new animated short, “Fort of Hard Knocks.”

Dare to enter the Volatile Valley?

  • Travel to the edge of Minutia to the legendary 1,000th level and enter the new area of Volatile Valley on the way to Mount Boom!

But that’s not all! Our new animated short “Fort of Hard Knocks” is here, and you can join Bandit Slug on her crazy heist!

You can download or update Best Fiends for free HERE!  

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