October 18, 2018

Get Your Halloween Fix with “The Best Best Fiends Show!”

A fangtastic new episode of The Best Best Fiends Show is here, and it’s full of treats…and maybe even a few tricks.

Your favorite witch and Best Fiends fanatic Kimberley Crossman has all the details on the spookiest game update yet. From the Howlin’ Halloween Party challenge to a Trick-or-Treat adventure, Minutia is really getting in the Halloween spirit! Plus, you can add Frankenkarma, Wicked JoJo, and Slug King Temper to your ghouslish gang.

But the sweetest treat of all? The Best Fiends shop is here! There are over 30 Fiendish products to choose from, including pins, t-shirts, puzzles, mugs, and so much more. Check it out HERE!

You’ll go batty for this update! So make sure to carve out some time for this episode of The Best Best Fiends Showit’ll be a skele-TON of fun!


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