January 10, 2020

Get to Work with Our Latest Animated Short, King Slug Industries!

Work hard, play hard, and don’t ask questions! That’s how it’s done at King Slug Industries. 

In the newest Best Fiends animated short, King Slug Industries, Slug pals Hank and Roger get a chance to land their dream job at KSI. However, from the second they slip and slide into KingSlug Tower, Roger can tell that something seems a bit… fishy. It’s not long until Hank also realizes that they just might not be cut out for this job. Should have read the job description more carefully!

The latest animated short was produced by Golden Globe-nominated Reel FX Animation Studios,  known for Book of Life and its work on Ice Age and Looney Toons. The feature-film quality animation once again includes an all-star cast of Hollywood voice acting talent: Pamela Adlon (Californication, Better Things), David Herman (Office Space, Bob’s Burgers), Alan Oppenheimer (The Neverending Story), Stephen Root (Office Space, Dodgeball), and Tara Strong (Inspector Gadget, Fairly Odd Parents).

Curious to see if Hank and Roger can succeed at their new job and survive at KSI? You can watch King Slug Industries HERE.

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