September 16, 2021

Get Ready for the Big Game with Our NEW Update!

Hut, hut, HIKE! A new update is here and we’re getting ready for the big game! Join Coach Dougie in Training Camp, Howie Hook in Captain’s Quarters, Bagpipe Brittle in Highland Gathering, and White Rabbit Rascal in Wonderland! And that’s not all! The Ice Cream Race is back and full of rewards, including a random Fiend Style! Read on to learn more about this update!

-Complete all TRAINING CAMP challenges and Coach Dougie will join your team permanently!
-Finish all CAPTAIN’S QUARTERS challenges to earn the swashbuckling Howie Hook!
-Play through all HIGHLAND GATHERING challenges to win the musical Bagpipe Brittle!
-Complete all WONDERLAND tasks to help White Rabbit Rascal not be late and he’ll join your Fiend family forever!

-Continue exploring Morel Outpost with 10 NEW levels every Friday, Saturday, & Sunday!

Our latest update is rolling out NOW, and it’s a fun one! Go to to see if it’s available to you!

June 2, 2022

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