February 6, 2020

Fall in Love with Our NEW Update!

Roses are red, violets are blue, Best Fiends has a new update especially for you! After Cupid Beebert’s arrow strikes, get ready to fall in love with a brand new update full of heart-throbs, secret admirers, and even more events and challenges! Keep reading to find out what’s in store for you!

Welcome To The Wonderland Palace Gala!

  • Collect Playing Cards over 30 challenges!
  • Complete all challenges and Rose of Hearts will join your team forever!


  • Tune in as Bachelor Thorn attempts to find love in Minutia!
  • Help Bachelor Thorn find a date and he will join your team permanently!
  • Continue earning rewards after Thorn’s date in the ALL NEW Epilogue Mode!


  • Explore the hedge mazes of the Royal Minutian Gardens, with 20 NEW LEVELS every weekend!
  • Beware! Slugs may be lurking in the dead ends!

The Wonderland Palace Gala awaits! Be sure to download Best Fiends or update your app now for FREE!

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