April 20, 2020

DIY with Best Fiends: Vega Desk Lamp

Get ready to shine some light on those pesky Slugs with a new and improved light source! In this episode of DIY with Best Fiends, Zack will guide you through a tutorial on how to upgrade your LED lamp to a Vega desk lamp! What better way to fight the powers of darkness than with your new Best Fiends lamp!! You can check out the video HERE and find the complete instructions and templates below! Ready to feel enlightened?


Vega Desk Lamp Instructions


Instructions are below:

1. First you need to cut out the felt following the templates in the description below!
a. Don’t forget to cut out the poster board!
2. Once you have that done, you will hot glue them together following the little Vega on the template as a guide!
3. Next, hot glue the felt design to the poster board cut-out.
4. With that ready, you now can secure the yellow tissue paper to the poster board using hot glue.
a. Make sure to cut the excess yellow tissue paper from around the poster board.
5. Now, using more hot glue, loop the design around the base of the LED Lamp.
6. Final step is to hot glue the wings onto the back of the design, and you’re done!


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