April 16, 2021

DIY with Best Fiends: Stained Glass Dany

DIY with Best Fiends is back with another adorable craft! In this episode, Zack shows us how to make a beautiful Stained Glass Dany! This art piece is perfect for that wall you’ve been trying to fill, don’t you think?

Click here for Stained Glass Dany Instructions or see below!

Find the Dany Picture Pattern here!

List of supplies:

● Picture frame
● Muffin tin
● Clear glue
● Acrylic paints & brushes (white, purples, and shades of pink)
● Black puffy paint
● Tape
● Dany picture pattern


1. First thing you’ll want to do is download and print the Dany picture pattern. You can find it in the description box below! Then go ahead and tape it directly on the glass of your picture frame.
2. Next, using black puffy paint, carefully trace the outline of Dany onto the picture frame glass. Make sure to take your time on those details.
3. While waiting for your outline to dry, take your muffin tin and mix your clear glue with a few drops of each paint color.
4. Now it’s time to paint in your color details. Fill each of the outlined spaces with your colored glue-paint mixtures. You can do multiple layers of this color to increase the vibrancy of coloring if you’d like.
5. Once your glue-paint layers have dried, remove the taped-on picture pattern and look at that: you’re done!

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