July 9, 2021

DIY with Best Fiends: Rose Door Curtain

In this episode of DIY with Best Fiends you can learn how to make beautiful Rose door curtains! This decorative craft is sure to impress any guest so get ready to get creative!

Rose Door Curtain Steps:
List of supplies:
White cotton or muslin fabric, about 1.25 yards
Clear tape
Clear gel glue
Red fabric dye
A large pot you can use fabric dye in
A wooden dowel
Hot glue gun
Rose line art pattern (found HERE)

1. To start, go ahead print out the line art pattern of Rose. It’s gonna be a large one, about 12 sheets when tiled together. Carefully tape the art together, and set it down on your workspace.
2. Next, center your fabric over the taped-together design. Your fabric should be a lightweight 100% cotton, or muslin fabric, which is sheer enough to easily make out the black lines through the fabric.
3. Using your clear glue, trace the lines of the design and fill in solid black spaces. Make sure to take your time on those details.
4. Now, go ahead and allow your glue to dry. This can take a pretty long while. Hours even! You can speed up the process with a hairdryer, a heat gun, or leaving it outside on a sunny day.
5. Once it’s dry, pull the fabric from your paper. It may be stuck, but that’s a good thing! It means you’ve completely saturated the fabric to resist the dye. It’s totally fine to rip the design. Anything stuck to the fabric will come off in the dye bath or when you rinse it.
6A. Now, it’s dye time. Briefly soak your fabric in cold water, since wet fabric takes dye more evenly. Mix your dye with cold water in a large pot. Follow the ratio of water to dye suggested on your product. Do not use warm or hot water, since it will make your glue melt and ruin the craft! Wearing gloves and using tongs, submerge your fabric into the dyebath. Dye the fabric for 30-45 minutes, turning and making sure the dyebath is even. Your clear glue may take on the color of your dye, which is totally normal, so don’t worry!
6B. Carefully remove your dyed fabric and rinse under cold water until the water runs clear-ish. This isn’t an article of clothing, you don’t have to worry about rinsing 100% of the dye out. Just don’t wash your clothes with it! Next, rinse it under warm water to melt away the clear glue. This should be where your design begins to show up vibrantly! Wring out your curtain fabric and allow it to dry.
7. Now that your fabric is dry, fold your curtain vertically and cut a line up the center leaving about a foot still together at the top.
8. Lay your wooden dowel at the top of your curtain and fold your fabric over it.
9. Using your hot glue gun, attach it where the fabric meets in a loop. As always, be careful when using hot glue since it can be very hot. Congratulations, you’re done!

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