July 2, 2020

DIY with Best Fiends: Gordon Shadowbox

Are your walls looking a little lonely? How about adding some Best Fiends art to brighten up your space! In this episode of DIY with Best Fiends, Zack teaches you how to get crafty with this Gordon Shadowbox! Gordon has the heart of a lion, but is also a poetic soul and outside of being knighted, achieving status as a piece of art is one his greatest accomplishments! You can check out the video HERE and find the complete instructions below!


Here is the Shadowbox Design Template.
Or click here for the Gordon Shadowbox Instructions or find them below!


1. First step is to either make your outer box with poster board or take your small cardboard box and cut out the back.
a. Make sure you cut out both sides so light can shine through!

2. Next thing is to cut out the Gordon design by tracing it onto colored paper to cut out, or print out the design in color and cut it out.

3. Next you want to start to glue or tape the cutout paper into the box. Make sure to put them in the correct order using the design linked in the description below.
a. In between each layer, take a little bit of scrap paper or rolled up tape to pad between the layers of colored art. This will help better give the shadow effect in the end.

4. The last step is to either mount it into a windowsill or on the wall like a normal piece of art!

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