May 22, 2020

DIY with Best Fiends: Bo Bank!

We all know how good the Fiends are at defeating the Slugs, but did you know they can help you save some change as well!? In this episode of DIY with Best Fiends, Zack will show you how to craft your very own Bo bank! You can check out the video HERE and find the complete instructions below! Happy saving!

Here, you can find the Bo Bank Templates
And here, you can find the DIY with Best Fiends Bo Coin Bank Instructions, which are also immediately below!


1. First we need to make our ​papier-mâché​ paste. Just take some glue and water and mix it up.
a. Make sure you use more glue than water, so it’s a thick paste.

2. Next you fill the balloon t​o the size that you’re looking to make your Bo Bank.
a. Tie a knot at the edge of your balloon to seal it once it’s filled to your preferred size.

3. Now it’s ​papier-mâché​ time! Cover the whole balloon in newspaper clippings you’ve covered in your glue paste using a brush.
a. Take your time and cover it with at least 3 layers, letting it dry fully before continuing. Drying could take up to an hour depending on how many layers you make it.

4. Once it’s fully dry, take your scissors and very carefully pop the balloon!

5. Now you can paint it starting with a base coat of light blue to cover the newspaper print. After that you continue the painting with the rest of the design.
a. Check out the template for more guidance on how to create Bo’s face.

6. Next, you need to cut open your coin slot with an exacto knife or with scissors.
a. Remember to be extremely careful anytime you are using something sharp.

7. Now​ add the “ears” and “tail” onto Bo with the poster board and felt!
a. Follow the template (located in the description of the video) to cut out the correct shapes.
b. Using hot glue, glue together the felt with the poster board as support.
c. Using more hot glue, attach them to your Bo Bank.

Additional Step: Collecting Your Fortune

You can either cut out a small hole in the back or bottom to collect your change, or you can just remake this craft because it’s very simple!




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