April 30, 2021

DIY with Best Fiends: Best Fiends Terrarium

Ever wanted to have your own little habitat of Fiends to care for? Well, we’ve got the craft for you! In this episode of DIY with Best Fiends, Zack shows us how to make a Fiend Terrarium! What Fiends will you put in yours?

Click here for Best Fiends Terrarium Instructions or see below!

List of supplies:
● A large glass jar, one you can fit your hand into
● Small succulent plants
● Potting soil
● Activated charcoal
● Assorted rocks and stones
● Googly eyes
● Various acrylic paints & brushes
● Hot glue gun.
● Tongs

1. To start, you’ll want to pick some choice rocks that will become your terrarium Fiends.
2. Go ahead and paint the base color of your Fiend onto the rocks and set them aside to dry. I picked Kwincy and Bob for mine!
3. Next, set your large jar on a flat surface and hot glue a couple rocks to the side for stability. As always, be extra careful when using a hot glue gun because it can get, well, pretty hot!
4. Poor in the activated charcoal to the bottom of the terrarium. Charcoal acts as a natural filter to keep your plants healthy. Then, using the tongs, add in a couple inches of potting soil.
5. Now that you have your soil base, go ahead plant your small succulents in the soil and water them lightly to help them settle.
6. Finish painting your Fiends with the rest of their character details. Hot glue googly eyes to them to add that extra bit of character. Make sure you take your time to put in the little details of the fiends you chose.
7. Finally, use the tongs to nestle your Fiends inside their awesome new terrarium, seal the jar to keep everything in place and you’re done!

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