August 13, 2021

DIY with Best Fiends: Beebert Wax Seal Stamper

DIY with Best Fiends is here with another super fun craft! Upgrade your mail game with this Beebert Beeswax Seal! It’s easy, cute, and so cool. What are you waiting for? Watch this episode to learn more or follow Zack’s instructions below!

Beebert Beeswax Stamp
List of supplies:
● Oven-bake clay
● Wooden peg
● Sewing pin or small carving tool
● Baking sheet
● Aluminum foil
● Hot glue gun
● Colored wax
● Gold paint and brush

1. First, prepare your baking sheet with a layer of aluminum foil as this is going to act as your work area.
2. Next, roll out a marble-sized amount of oven-bake clay into a ball.
3. Stamp it flat with your wooden peg against the aluminum foil or another flat surface. The benefit of the aluminum foil is that you can easily peel your clay off if it is sticky.
4. Carefully remove the clay from the aluminum, but make sure it remains stuck on the peg. Most pegs come with a small hole in the bottom, so it should stick pretty easily.
5. Turn it around and it’s time to get artsy! Freehand carve your Beebert design into the clay with your sewing pin, needle, or pencil tip. Use a photo of Beebert to help get all the important details right. Try to keep your lines deep and wide so that the wax will have a place to go when you stamp it.
6. When you’re done carving, carefully remove your peg from the clay and set the clay disk face down on the foil. Give it a light pat to make sure it’s flat again, but not so hard that you ruin the design.
7. Put the baking tray in an oven and follow the directions on your brand of oven-bake clay. Once it’s baked to completion, remove and let cool.
8. Carefully remove your fully cooled disk and hot-glue the disk back onto the peg. Be extra careful, as the baking sheet and hot glue can be pretty hot while you’re using them.
9. Once the hot glue is fully dry, you now have your Beebert wax seal stamper! To use it, melt and drip a circle of wax onto an envelope. Be extra careful when using open flames. Stamp firmly and let the wax cool before removing. Give your wax seal a light brush with the gold paint, and you’re done!

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