August 16, 2018

Crop It Like It’s Hot: The Harvest Update Is Here!

Hay there, it’s harvest time in Minutia! What have the Fiends been growing in Minutia this season, you ask? New levels, exciting challenges, a new Fiend, and endless fun! Hop on your tractor and ride along to find out everything that has sprouted in the August update:

The Harvest Festival:

  • Farmer Newt has been busy growing his crops all year long, and now it’s time for the harvest.
  • Collect Wheat Stalks to win bountiful rewards, including FREE GOLD. And if you collect all the Wheat Stalks, you’ll win the exclusive Farmer Newt! (And if you don’t have Newt, you’ll win him instead of Farmer Newt.)

Freddie’s Lost Souvenirs:

  • Oh no! While on vacation in Minutia, Tourist Freddie lost all of his souvenirs.
  • Help him recoup all of his lost items by roaming around Minutia to win Fiendtastic prizes.
  • Tourist Freddie is now also available for purchase!

Meet the newest Fiend:

  • Thorn the Rhino Beetle has joined the Fiend Family!
  • With his powerful Double Vertical Bombs, the Slugs don’t stand a chance.

New levels:

  • Continue your journey through Volatile Valley with 15 new levels EVERY weekend!

Summer may be almost over, but that shouldn’t “soil” all the fun! You can download or update Best Fiends now for FREE!

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