March 27, 2018

Community Stories

Fans Share How Best Fiends Changes Lives Through New Video Series

The Fiends are spreading the Best Fiends love throughout the world! Through thick and thin, through the good times and the bad, Best Fiends is always there to bring people together and, sometimes, help them get through hardships. To showcase the impact Best Fiends has on fans around the globe, we’ve put together the “Community Stories” video series.

The “Community Stories” debut episode proved to be an opportunity for couple, Laura and Laurent, to uncover how their shared passion for Best Fiends created a bond between them, which evolved into an affectionate marriage and a wonderful happily ever after.

As episode two takes the screen today, the Fiends help John and Sue Ritter tell a tale of a powerful partnership, relentless perseverance, and everlasting teamwork — all attributes that continue to empower the Seriously team every day.

Grab your tissues and a cuddle buddy, and click here to watch a heartwarming video that will surely put a smile on your face.



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