August 8, 2019

Back to School with Best Fiends!

Get ready to get schooled because a new school year is here along with a brand new game update! Grab your pencils and be sure to take some notes on all that’s happening this month in the Best Fiends universe: 

Class is now in session! 

  • Start the school year at The University of Minutia with new student Bookworm Brittle!
  • Help her complete her studies across 13 episodes and this super student will permanently join your team!

This new mission is FIRE!

  • Join the Firefighter Mission and help Vega collect Fire Helmets across 40 challenges.
  • Collect all of the helmets and earn the smokin’ hot and extra heroic Firefighter Vega!

You ‘mite’ want to explore this new world…

  • Check out the sights and sounds of New Mite City!
  • Weave through the bustling big city with 20 new levels every weekend!

Pop quiz! What’s the best mobile puzzle game in the world? Update or download Best Fiends for FREE to find out now! 


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