May 4, 2018

April Showers Bring May Fiends

It’s time for spring cleaning in Minutia, so it’s out with the old and in with the new! The latest update is filled with new levels, new Fiends, and new adventures, so let’s ‘spring’ right into all that’s happening in the Best Fiends universe:

Triumph over the Tulip Trail:

  • As part of the Tulip Trail, there are 35 new challenges! Collect all the tulips, and you will be rewarded with the new Exclusive Fiend Style: Blooming Brittle, along with diamonds, Meteormites, keys, and VIP time along the way.

There’s something Splendid waiting for you in Minutia:

  • The newest Fiend, Splendid, is a precious purple Sea Slug. Her power is a Multi Converter, which converts blocks next to it into double of the color you match it with!

Slugs are taking over the Minutia World Map:

  • There are now Slugs placed at different locations along the world map. And when you click on them, they talk to you!

New month, new levels:

  • Unlock ten new story levels every Saturday, plus ten new HERO levels every Sunday!
  • When you update, level packs for Captain, Granny and General Slug will be available for you to play right away!

Spring is in the air and fun is in full bloom in Minutia this month, so be sure to download or update your app now for

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