March 19, 2018

5 Questions With…Simo Rajamäki

5 Questions with Simo Rajamäki 

1. Where were you/what did you do before working at Seriously?
Before Seriously, I was at Rovio, where I started my career as a junior game designer working on various Angry Birds titles. So I’m in the same country, but still working on making cute things great!

2. What is your current role at Seriously?
I’m the lead designer on the next installment of Best Fiends. I’m kind of like the game’s architect. I work with programmers on how it should play and with artists on how it should look.

The game is currently in soft-launch. This means we are testing and optimising it before world-wide release! We are working hard to make it the best game it can be!

3. What’s your favorite part about your job?
It’s hard to pick just one, but I knew I always wanted to do something creative as part of my job and to work in a fun environment. Game design is a perfect fit. I get to flex my creativity muscles as well as work with great, like-minded people.

4. Who is your favorite Fiend or Slug and why?
My favourite character is both a Fiend AND a Slug! Do you know who I’m talking about? It’s Bo the Dragon Slug, of course! He was the first character that I worked on and as such, holds a special place in my heart. Go Bo!

5. When you are not working at Seriously or playing Best Fiends, what do you enjoy doing?
I’m a pretty social person, so I like spending time with friends, traveling to new places, watching movies, having a sauna and a swim (with an occasional dip into icy waters), and of course playing games!




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