July 1, 2019

5 Questions With…Ilkka Halila

5 Questions with Ilkka Halila

1. Where were you/what did you do before working at Seriously?
Before working at Seriously, I was Founder and CTO of Boomlagoon, where we put out a bunch of great games. The company was eventually acquired by Wargaming. After that, I had a brief stint outside of the games industry, but the allure of games was too enticing, and I just couldn’t stay away.

2. What is your current role at Seriously?
I’m the Technical Director on a new Best Fiends game that we’re developing. Basically, I’m responsible for making sure we get new features in on time and bug free.

3. What’s your favorite part about your job?
My favorite part of my job is when I get to work on the new game’s code and make it even more fun for our players. It really warms my heart to read the positive reviews that we get.

4. Who is your favorite Fiend or Slug and why?
Terry! He’s just so furry and cute.

5. When you are not working at Seriously or playing Best Fiends, what do you enjoy doing?
I’ve recently become a dad, so my favorite thing to do is to spend time with my daughter and see her grow and learn all kinds of new things. While she’s napping, I enjoy working on little programming projects– none of which are likely to ever be finished.

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