October 28, 2019

5 Questions With… Anh Nguyen

5 Questions with Anh Nguyen

1. Where were you/what did you do before working at Seriously?
Before Seriously, I was freelancing as a Graphic Designer, specializing in Branding and Visual identity.

2. What is your current role at Seriously?
I’m currently a Level QA for Best Fiends. I play through the levels and give back  commentary to Level Designers, with the goal of challenge AND fun.

3. What’s your favorite part about your job?
My favorite part of my job is getting to work with a super team that is passionate, genuine and professional. The work itself is exciting for me, I get to observe and contribute directly to building the different levels.

4. Who is your favorite Fiend or Slug and why?
Definitely Wu, as he’s close to Sun Wukong – my childhood hero. Wu’s powerful and magical.

5. When you are not working at Seriously or playing Best Fiends, what do you enjoy doing?
During my free time, I enjoy playing with my husband and child during storytime. I also like to take dance classes, craft, and bake.

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