December 15, 2017

Best Fiends is Now a $100 Million Brand

It’s now been three years since we launched the original Best Fiends game and we’re excited to announce that we just passed $100 million in revenues, reached profitability and had our biggest quarter to date.

This is exactly the shift we anticipated when we started the company almost four years ago. With the audience shift to mobile devices from television and movie theaters, in-app purchase revenues on mobile are now bigger than Hollywood’s global movie box office. The mobile games market is now worth $46.1 billion annually (Newzoo) while the global theatrical box office in 2016 was at $39 billion (Variety).

As a creator on mobile, we have a direct connection with our audience, and get to use our content as a network to promote different Best Fiends products, events and updates. In light of today’s news that Disney has acquired Fox , it is more clear than ever that owning the IP is the future of Hollywood. More thoughts on what this means and Seriously’s 2017 here.

Happy Holidays!
Andrew Stalbow, CEO and Co-Founder

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