December 15, 2017

Best Fiends is Now a $100 Million Brand

It’s now been three years since we launched the original Best Fiends game and we’re excited to announce that we just passed $100 million in revenues, reached profitability and had our biggest quarter to date.

This is exactly the shift we anticipated when we started the company almost 4 years ago. With the audience shift to mobile devices from television and movie theaters, in-app purchase revenues on mobile are now bigger than Hollywood’s global movie box office. The mobile games market is now worth $46.1 billion annually ( Newzoo ) while the global theatrical box office in 2016 was at $39 billion ( Variety ).

As a creator on mobile, we have a direct connection with our audience, and get to use our content as a network to promote different Best Fiends products, events and updates. In light of today’s news that Disney has acquired Fox , it is more clear than ever that owning the IP is the future of Hollywood. More thoughts on what this means and Seriously’s 2017 here .

Happy Holidays!
Andrew Stalbow, CEO and Co-Founder

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