November 19, 2018

5 Questions With…Eralp Karaduman

5 Questions with Eralp Karaduman

1. Where were you/what did you do before working at Seriously?
Previously, I made small games for big brands – the end results were things like tweeting refrigerators and talking spoons. I sometimes mixed hardware and software with these games to create an experience. I also worked on various mobile apps for different companies, including a social network for seashell collectors and a live Dutch auction game. At one point, I even had my own coffee retail app startup too.

2. What is your current role at Seriously?
I’m a Technology Programmer. This means I make things that are needed by my colleagues who build our games.

3. What’s your favorite part about your job?
My favorite part of my job is getting to work on different technologies and experiment with new things.

4. Who is your favorite Fiend or Slug and why?
The space Slugs… because SPACE!

5. When you are not working at Seriously or playing Best Fiends, what do you enjoy doing?
I like playing games. Recently, I picked up camping as a new hobby. But most of my free time goes to side projects. I feel very uncomfortable when a new technology comes out and I haven’t played around with it yet.

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